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Vent-Free DIS Series

Monessen's versatile vent-free gas insert or zero-clearance fireplace offers the irresistible charm of an open fire with the efficiency of a room heater. Monessen's vent-free insert provides supplemental heat without the hassles of wood, but with the realism of glowing coals and dancing yellow flames.
* available with Jade surround
  • The beauty of an open fire with the efficiency of a gas room heater
  • No venting required, easy installation
  • Multiple heat settings from 20,000 to 32,000 Btu
  • Heats up to 1000 sq. ft., all the heat stays in your home
  • Thermostat or millivolt control operation
  • Fits minimum fireplace opening of 24" high and 33" wide

Product Specifications

  • 24" premium-aged split logs
  • dual stainless steel burner system
  • thermostat or millivolt control operation
  • fixed safety screen
  • concealed controls in lower access panel
  • thermostatically controlled blower
  • fiber ceramic firebrick
  • polished brass louvers
  • volcanic rock
  • 2 - 30" flexible gas connectors with on/off valve

Fuel Type Thermostat Control Millivolt Control Approximate Heating Area/Sq. Ft. Approximate Cost to Operate for Millivolt Control
DIS33 NG 20-28,000 btu 20-32,000 btu 1000 12 cents - 20 cents
DIS33 LP 20-28,000 btu 20-32,000 btu 1000 26 cents - 34 cents

Insert Only Small Face Plate Large Face Plate
Width of Front 33" 43-1/4" 50-1/4"
Width of Back 23" - -
Height of Front 26-3/4" 33" 36"
Height of Back 23-7/8" - -
Depth of Insert 15-1/2" - -
Total Depth 16-1/2" - -

  • 36" High x 50" Wide Black Large Face Plate with Brass Trim
  • 33" High x 43" Wide Small Face Plate with Brass Trim, in Flat Black or Jade Simulated Marble

Millivolt Control Only
  • wall switch with 20 feet of wire
    Wall-Mounted Thermostat with 20' wire
    Hand Held On/Off Remote Control
    Hand Held Thermostat Remote Control with Receiver

  • It is recommended that all installations be performed by qualified service technicians.
  • Always follow installations and operation instructions to ensure safety at all times.
  • Check local codes before installation to ensure compliance.
  • It is recommended that the screen be used during operation of this log set. Always ensure the screen has adequate spaces to allow for passage of combustion air to the gas log set.
  • Correct installation of the ceramic fiber logs, proper location of the heater and periodic cleaning are necessary to avoid potential service problems with sooting.
  • Keep small children and animals away from the open flame of the gas log set at all times.
  • There may be a "warm-up" smell associated with the heating of the logs. The odor should diminish in 2-3 hours of operation with the burner at its highest setting.

Inserts Price Range: $900 - 1200
Note: MVHR-T Remote Control Available - $148.00

Cost of installation varies - contact us for your specific needs.

Visa/MC accepted

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