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Shoreline 2000 Series
ALL stainless steel gas grill

"Made for the Oceanside"
The Grill for the New Millenium



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  • 16-gage type 304 stainless steel construction (.060" thick)
  • Twin spark igniters
  • Convenient access ports to light burner manually in case of igniter failure.
  • 2 Side shelves - generously sized 12" x 14"
  • 3" dial thermometer 50 - 500 degrees
  • 6" wheels on stainless steel axle rated 250 lbs. each
  • Height of grate above floor 37"
  • Weight - 150 lbs.
  • Burners rated 14,000 BTU/hr each
  • Split cooking grate comes in two sections - variably spaced for grilling a variety of foods
  • Combination grill scrapers are standard
  • 28 1/2 x 18 1/2 inch grate size plus an additional 125 square inches on the cooking shelf
  • Dual burner controls allow you to cook from 250° - 500°F
  • Grill ships assembled except for side shelves, handle, and support shelf. Installed with only 18 bolts!
  • Solid stainless steel cooking grates are variably spaced for grilling a variety of foods - 18 1/2" x 28 1/2" with an additional 5" x 26" on the cooking shelf. Food cooks through without the use of a cumbersome rotisserie.
  • The grill comes assembled except for the side shelves, handle and support shelf - 18 bolts. 15 minutes for a slow mechanic!


The most important part any grill is the burner. This burner was custom designed for the shoreline. Burners are all stainless steel and are accessible for cleaning by removing only 1 nut. To date no burner has ever failed.

Grates are constructed of solid stainless steel rods and come in two sections - variably spaced for grilling a variety of foods.

Combination scraper cleans both grates.
Utensil Hooks

3" dial measures 50° - 500° F.

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